We Got An Award

Did you see that we got an award last month?  Neither did I.

You’ve got to love Gmail and those tricky filters sending important things off to the spam folder.  Well, in case you missed it like me, you can go check out the article at feedspot.

When I first opened the link, I was surprised to see some of my knit and crochet idols, like Repeat Crafter Me and Simply Maggie.  I was thinking there was no way I was in the top one hundred pages listed with these wonderful artists, and I was right.  I scrolled through the top hundred back and forth scanning the lines for my website.  Then I realized that the list actually contained over three hundred websites and only the top hundred had a brief description.

So keep scrolling…

keep scrolling…

keep scrolling…

THERE: spot number 315!

I did get a few hits from this page, so thank you to feedspot for featuring me.  Maybe the next list I end up in will put me in the top one hundred.  For now, I’m happily working on some new things to get me there.  Namely, a YouTube channel to provide you video tutorials on all of the patterns I share here, along with the tips and tricks, and how-to’s.  There is nothing uploaded yet, but keep checking back on YouTube to see when that first video gets posted.






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