March Workshop: Corner to Corner (C2C)


Corner to Corner Crochet

The Corner to Corner crochet stitch, or C2C, swept through crochet forums like wildfire a while back.  Due to its simplicity and quick build, it became a popular go-to stitch for everything from baby blankets to full size bedding options.  It has even been incorporated into some crochet clothing designs.  If you are interested in learning this stitch, follow along as we go over the steps to create it and build upon your skills.  If you already know how to do the C2C crochet stitch, don’t fret.  There’s more for you to learn too.  By the end of this workshop, you may very well be creating your own new take on the C2C stitch.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to create the Corner to Corner crochet stitch and incorporate it however you choose.  By the end of this workshop, you will know how to create a C2C square, rectangle, and triangle in any size.  You will also learn how to incorporate C2C blocks into existing patterns and creations in many new ways that you might not have thought possible before.  You will also learn how to make a graphgan using the C2C stitch, creating pictures in your blocks or blankets.

How to Follow Along

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